Graspinghand with Alexander Xanthakis / 2012

Normal Flora is the given name to the common human body bacteria. In numbers, there is ten times more bacteria than human cells in an healthy body. 500 to 100000 different species are living inside us.

Normal Flora is a lamp that collects a sample of those bacteria and projects it on a 65 diameter screen.

The device is composed of a circular screen, a petri dish filled with nutriments placed above, a led light emitter fixed on the ceiling, and a thin bended steel structure holding the parts in place.

After the intrusion, bacterial activity is visible on the circular screen, changing the light and the appearance of the lamp over time.

Normal Flora requires specific procedures in order to avoid misuses:

I/ Filling
A/ Fill the petri dish with nutriments gel
B/ Collect bacteria from your body and spread them on the gel with your finger
C/ Close the petri dish and let bacteria grow in darkness for a few days
D/ Hang the dish carefully on to the lamp
E/ The growth will stabilize after a couple of weeks
F/ You can renew the operation or decide to keep them in this stabilized state
II/ Cleaning
Latex gloves are needed during cleaning procedure

A/ Unmount with care the petri dish from the lamp
B/ Kill the bacteria with chlorine and tear the gel out of the dish
C/ Clean carefully the dish and let it dry without droplet stains or dirts.